Meet the MindMatchers

Helping recruiters find the best match.

Sohraab JoshiFounder & MD
André RuffertSoftware Developer
Kazunari OkudaSoftware Developer
Samuel GreenHR Consultant Manager
Margo GainskaUI/UX Designer

And our Advisors

Mark LevyHR Advisor

Mark is a trusted and respected ​global leader in the HR space who has pioneered the shift to Employee Experience​ . For four years, ​he led Airbnb as Global Head of Employee Experience which was recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor in 2016. Mark is also working with organizations on the future of work, bringing humanity to the workplace, as well as providing opportunities for those who are underestimated or under represented to get access to education as well as resources and funding to start a business. He is the proud father of three amazing kids and one well behaved chocolate Labrador.

Kaya TanerAdvisor & Investor

Kaya is an experienced entrepreneur and investor. He is currently CEO/Co-founder of developer-focused job platform Honeypot and has previously led and co-founded mobile app marketing platform AppLift with today about 250 employees. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and new technologies. In his spare time you may find him making music and spitting some rhymes.

Abhishek ThakurTechnical Advisor

Abhishek is a data science evangelist. Currently works as chief data scientist at His passion lies in solving difficult world problems through data science. He is the co-organizer of the Berlin Machine Learning Meetup and not long ago was ranked no. 3 worldwide on the Data Science Platform Kaggle.

Xiaozhou WangTechnical Advisor

Xiaozhou is co-founder and chief data scientist at You can generally find him as key speaker in various machine learning meetups in Canada. His passion lies towards creating user-focused products with a machine learning approach. He currently ranks as world no. 10 on the Data Science Platform Kaggle.