Target more talent.
Meet your Match.

MindMatch uses AI to efficiently allocate your recruitment budget and hyper target more job seekers on the web to help fill your pipeline.

Target 100+ job boards, 1000+ websites and social media platforms with a single click

How it works

  1. Create a new job

    Create a new job listing on our smart dashboard and have your job ready to be posted across the entire web in no time.

  2. Target more talent

    Our AI automatically posts your job advertisements on the best performing channels all over the web based on data analytics to help you target more talent more efficiently.

  3. Receive candidates

    Keep a track of your campaigns with our insightful reports and receive more candidates through MindMatch.

Experience it first hand

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Receive twice as many candidates

With our AI system targeting matching talent over 100+ job boards and 1000+ websites including social media platforms with a single click, we help you bring more talent and fill your pipeline quicker.

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Reduce your workload by up to 90%

Our creative team designs and creates your job landing pages which includes your employer branding. This way freeing up your time to work on other more critical tasks.

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Minimise your costs by up to 60%

Our AI system analyses your campaign data to determine what the most cost efficient channels are for bringing your more talent. Helping you target smarter and cheaper.

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