Target top talent.
Meet your Match.

MindMatch’s Artificial Intelligence identifies top talent on the web and hyper-targets them with your job advertisements.

Make the entire internet your recruitment platform

How it works

  1. Create a new job

    Create a new job listing on our smart dashboard and have your job ready to be posted across the entire web in no time.

  2. Target top talent

    Let our AI distribute your job ad to matching talents on the web. More than 70% of job seekers are passive.

  3. Make a hire

    Let MindMatch bring in matching qualified candidates. And free up your time from sourcing to spend it more on interviewing and on-boarding.

Experience it first hand

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Receive twice as many qualified candidates

Our sophisticated AI matching technology has analysed millions of CVs, job postings and open web activity to determine who the top candidates are depending on the type of job. Save time by identifying the top talent for your open jobs through us.

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Reduce your workload by up to 90%

Our dedicated in-house team takes care of creating your personalised, device optimised landing pages and ad-creatives for social media campaigns, along with having recruiting analytics reports on the platform. Allowing you to spend time on what really matters - interviewing, onboarding and retaining the best talent.

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Minimise your costs by up to 60%

Our intuitive AI ad distribution engine is constantly analysing which are the top performing channels for each of your open job roles, tweaking the budget in real time to the best performing ones and in the process significantly reducing your cost per hire by up to 60% compared to non-AI sourcing tools.

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