Prioritize your Pipeline.
Understand your Candidates.
Meet your Match.

MindMatch is an Artificial Intelligence-based screening and sourcing tool for recruiters to evaluate candidates, establish a match, and prioritize talent pipeline. All within your ATS.

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MindMatch is the World’s First Recruiter Assistant System

MindMatch is Artificial Intelligence that empowers recruiters to understand which candidates match best to open positions.

Meet Your Match

  • Match Scores for Each Applicant

    Match scores for every candidate appear within your ATS.

  • GDPR Compliant

    MindMatch is GDPR complaint, which makes it the perfect addition to your HR tech stack.

Prioritize Your Pipeline

  • Recruit from your Talent Pool

    Identify the right talent already lying dormant in your existing talent pool.

  • Increase Productivity and Accuracy

    MindMatch helps recruiters reduce screening time by up to 90%.

Understand Your Candidates

  • Learn about your candidate

    MindMatch gathers relevant data from the open web to help you get to know your candidates.

  • Quickly Check Social Influence

    Assess how influential the candidate is in the community.

  • Gather Reference Checks

    MindMatch shows the candidate’s social connections with your company employees.

MindMatch's AI reads a CV like a human

  • Powered by Data

    MindMatch’s AI has been trained on millions of jobs and candidates. The AI can read and understands job titles, descriptions, and skills and how they relate to each other.

  • Continuously Learning

    MindMatch continuously learns and adapts to individual companies based on their hiring behaviour.

  • AI to Empower the Recruiter

    MindMatch layers supervised machine learning on top of unsupervised models.

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We help recruiters reduce their workload by up to 90%

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