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MindMatch automates the screening and sourcing process through artificial intelligence to help recruiters hire accurately and efficiently. Sign up for updates:

About the product

MindMatch is a technology platform that enables organisations to fill a position for a specific job by screening and sourcing the ideal candidate through data enrichment and artificial intelligence.

Reducing workload

Work more efficiently and reduce your workload in your day-to-day task of finding and screening the right candidate for your job.

Integrate with your ATS

Get up and running in no time with MindMatch. Become more efficient and start making better decisions, without ever leaving your ATS.

Identify right talent in your old applicant pool

Proactively identify the right talent already lying dormant in your existing talent pool as soon as you put a job posting live on your website.

Match Candidates to Open Positions

Get a match score for each candidate who applies to your job opening.

Find Similar Profiles

Receive automatic suggestions of candidate profiles from across the open web that fit your open position without the need of moving out of your ATS.

Detailed View

MindMatch pulls relevant social data points of the candidate and shows it in a presentable manner.

Secure & Scalable

MindMatch has the capability of evaluating millions of CVs while keeping privacy in mind at all times.

How it works


Connect to ATS

Connect MindMatch to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


Verify your open positions

MindMatch automatically collects all open job positions directly through the ATS


Get more info about a candidate

MindMatch enriches job applicant’s profiles with additional data about them from the open web to give you a holistic view about each candidate


Start Matching

MindMatch uses artificial intelligence to determine each candidate’s match to a specific position and the company culture