Targeted Job-Advertising
Get more applications

MindMatch distributes your jobs across 50+ Job Boards and automatically targets relevant candidates on Social Media and Websites through our advertising engine.

Make the whole Internet your recruitment platform with a single click

How it works

  1. Create a new job

    Simply add your jobs on MindMatch and our engine will distribute them across the entire web.

  2. Choose your budget

    Depending on your hiring needs, we help you pick the right starting budget. This can be used for all your jobs.

  3. Receive candidates

    No matter which channel, all applicants come in through MindMatch, where you can easily screen them or forward them to your ATS.


Job Ad Distribution

Advertise your jobs all over the web

Gain access to all job seekers on active and passive channels through performance marketing

Flexible Posting & Budgeting

Be in complete control of your campaigns every step of the way

Choose which jobs are being promoted anytime by simply toggling them active or inactive.

Recruiting analytics

Stay ahead of the game through the analytics dashboard

Gain key insights into your job's performance through the analytics dashboard, which shows views, cost per applications and conversion rates.

Experience it first hand

Receive more candidates

Utilising active and passive channels, MindMatch increases the visibilty of your jobs and draws in more applicants.

Reduce your workload

Only add your job once! The platform will allocate your budget efficiently across the most successful channels.

Increase Flexibility

You can add, play and pause jobs based on your needs, giving you full flexibilty.

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